ACI, American Cellular Inc, has been an industry leader for twenty years in pagers and paging systems. Since 1992, we have been a primary distributor or brand name alphanumeric, voice and numeric pagers, in-house systems, telemetry products and LED signs. We supply the complete lines of Daviscomms, Apollo, Swiss-Phone and many more name brands. ACI offers experienced sales and service staff (Ramsey certified). Our strive for excellence is provided with timely deliveries, replacements and repairs and competitive rates. Call us today!

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♦  ACI provides In-House Paging Systems for waiting areas, assisted living facilities and hospitals.

♦  ACI has developed Telemetry products for government needs, such as overflows in sewers, pumpstations and other environments utilizing underground cellular technology.

♦  ACI also provides Fire Department and Firefighters Minitar and Apollo Voice pagers to support FCC narrowband/wideband requirements.




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