Motorola Advisor Elite- FLEX

The Motorola Advisor Elite Alpha-Numeric Pager is an essential business tool capable of storing personal information services and notebook messages. The 4 line message display makes it easy to read longer text messages. 

Motorola Advisor Elite FLEX, POCSAG, UHF, VHF

· 4 Line Display
· Optimax® EL Electra Light Display
· Zoom Display - enlarge text from 8 lines to 4 lines for maximum readability
· Shows Time of Day and Date
· Built-In Alarm Clock
· User Selectable Alerts
· Vibrating Alert
· Reminder Alert
· Graphic Battery Gauge
· Event Alarm   
· Memory for 34 Message Slots
· Duplicate Message Management
· Erase All
· Selective Erase
· Saves Messages When Off or Changing the Battery
· Locks Important Messages
· Notebook Entries
· Message Preview
· Message Time and Date Stamping