Motorola BR850- FLEX

The BR850 pager provides exciting capabilities in messaging and can become a vital part of your business and personal life. This compact pager combines messaging and time keeping functions in a package that is convenient to carry. Your BR850 uses FLEX™ technology. The Motorola’s FLEX protocol-based pagers offer extended battery life and improved paging reliability.


·E-Luma-Glow Soft Blue 
·3 Built-In Alarm Clocks

·7 User Selectable Alerts / Mixed Alert
·Vibrating Alert
·Reminder Alert
·Low Battery Indicator

·60 Message Slots
·Duplicate Message Management
·Erase All
·Selective Erase
·Saves Messages When Off
·Time and Date on Standby
·Locks Important Messages
·Message Time and Date Stamping
·FLEX™ Capable for the most Advanced Paging Reliability