System Components
O Br808GT devices.
O PC-based message Acknowledgement Console Software.
O Daviscomms web-based Tracking Server.
O Tracking Apps for iOS and Android OS platform.
SMS / Data
Console Software) EaziTrac 1000
(with USB option)
Paging Networks
Menu Message
WED 28/12/11
Tracking Server
GPS Satellites
iOS / Android
O Built-in Pocsag pager for mass message 
 broadcast and personal messaging.
O Pager Sequential Lock Out (30s, 1m, 2m, 4m).
O Pager Sub-address alert tone (Only for Alert 1).
O Canned message response by SMS.
O Incoming and Outgoing voice call from/to pre-defined phone numbers.
O Auto time and date update (GSM operator dependent).
O Hospital mode (GSM on/off).
O Real time locating and tracking report send to the tracking server.
O Geo-fencing for zone alerting.
O Emergency SOS button with configurable options to make emergency call/silent listen-in and SMS message 
 and location data to the tracking server and sound alarm.
O Lone Worker Protection - Configurable periodic timer for the worker to acknowledge. 

Br808GT POCSAG Alphanumeric Pager with GSM Message Acknowledgement And Tracking System

Br808GT is a complete Personal tracking and Emergency Alert Device targeted for Civil Defense, Police Forces, sales associates, hikers, children and where personal need asset location monitoring.

The Br808GT supports mass message broadcasting via paging networks with individual, auto or manual acknowledgement via SMS. The Br808GT, with built-in GPS and GSM, allows the device or user to be tracked or located on demand.

  • Geographical fences for zone alerting / tracking / locating.
  • Programmable device identification.
  • Real time personal tracking via website.
  • PC / Web based tracking.
  • Tracking Apps available for iOS & Android OS Platform.