• 16 addresses (RICs) with 4 sub addresses each (64 discrete alert addresses)
  • Programmable frequency range up to 10 MHz (Wide PLL)
  • 3 selection/toggle profiles possible

The DE915 has a full graphic display that allows the user to select various different text layouts

• 5 lines x 21 characters with small font, up to 105 characters at a single glance
• 4 lines x 21 or 20 characters with standard font
• 3 lines x 16 characters in bold
• Proportional font available in all sizes

Strong backlighting makes it easier to read the high-contrast display in the dark.

The DE915 is a systematic upgrade of the tried-and-tested DE910. It now has 16 addresses, each with four sub addresses. Users have a total of 64 discrete addresses at their disposal.