Nurse Call System

The nurse call system is an advanced, sophisticated system that is an ideal solution for hospitals and care centers. The patients can easily ask for help by pressing the button on pendant JD100-1 / JD100-2 when there is an emergency. It also gets feedback upon the HOST (computer center) receiving the message from JD100-2, or the pendant will keep sending signal until it's been acknowledged. The JD110 room station is placed on the wall near patient's bed. The patience can press pendent or room station when asking for help. The operation for JD110 is almost like JD100-2The nurse carries JD120 nurse ID. Through IR, sending ID number to the JD100 pendant or JD110 room station and settling the emergency. Both of pendant and room station will also send the ID to the Host through JD132 central receiver. Through RS485, the JD132 will sends the data to the Host.The AL924 alphanumeric pager also receives messages from the transmitter when the patients ask for help through pendant or room station. Then the doctor or nurse will get the alert right away.